Driving force which led to the project MEGA SOLAR was to create an energy source based on modern technology which reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and provides a fair income in the future.

MEGA SOLAR, a company whose main purpose is the construction and operation of photovoltaic power plant, was established in the beginning of October 2009. Feasibility study and basic design, developed by ing. Sasho Genchev pointed out that one of the most favorable locations to build the plant in the Republic of Macedonia is near the village Germijan on the territory of the Municipality Novaci, in southwestern part of Macedonia. Thanks to the efficiency of the Mayor Mr. Lazar Kotevski and administration of the Municipality Novaci, on 12 of March 2010 the Building Permit was granted to MEGA SOLAR.

In April 2010 was launched the first contacts with the Office of Sustainable Energy GEF Project of the World Bank in Macedonia, where we found understanding and support for our project. Mr. Peter Johansson, as a team leader of the Project, expressed agreement to jointly finance the construction of the plant with Ohridska Banka AD and Macedonian Bank for Development Promotion (MBDP) by applying project financing model. We use this opportunity to express special thanks to Zdravko Stefanovski and Trajche Andreevski from the Office of Sustainable Energy GEF Project of the World Bank in Macedonia, Antonije Marinoski and Katerina Jankovic from Ohridska Bank Inc., and Dragan Martinovski and Alexander Stanojkovski from MBDP.

After the realization of credit line, on 3 March 2011 the construction of the PV plant began based on the “turnkey contract “ signed with Telelink Macedonia. During the construction were hired local inhabitants, contributing to full acceptance of the project by the local community. Finally, after 77 days of intensive work the plant was accomplished and connected to the distribution network, and the first kilowatts of electricity were delivered to the Macedonian electricity power system.

PV power plant is deployed on area of 20,700 m2. The land is owned by MEGA SOLAR. The installed capacity of the plant is 996, 7 kW. It consists of 4,440 Canadian Solar polycrystalline PV modules CS6P (225 W and 220 W), connected to 10 inverters product of Samil Power, type SO 100 KA1. Panels are attached on 888 metal frames manufactured in the Republic of Macedonia, with single axis adjustment system (summer, winter, spring and autumn angle). Transformer units are products of Schneider Electric. Quality of installed equipment provides annual generation of 1650 MWh. PV plant is connected to the distribution grid with4,7 km. underground cable, where the great and selfless professional help was provided by distribution network operator, EVN Macedonia.

After receiving the right to use the Feed-in tariff, MEGA SOLAR signed the long term power purchase contract with MEPSO as the electricity market operator, for purchasing overall electricity generated in the PV plant.

Since 2016, MEGA SOLAR has been part of the PV-INVEST Group from Austria.